Thursday, May 26, 2011


Posted on: 26-May-2011
The value of our membership organization is based on assisting our members to earn extra income and providing support to those people around the world that can’t help themselves.  We take the issue of helping our members earn extra income very seriously.  We know how important it is for our members to receive that extra income every month. Through our e-Commerce, education and micro-finance programs we have developed and continue to develop products and services that our members can either utilize for themselves or share with others.
One of the most valuable products that we have right now, is our electronic wallet accessed and controlled by your own mobile phone.  This service is brought to you by Club Asteria and one of our valued financial partners.  This mobile phone application that is available to you is the fastest, most convenient and cost effective method of sending funds anywhere in the world.  Your loved ones and/or business associates can receive money from you and have access to it immediately.  This product and service can save you hundreds of dollars per year.
We also have available a MasterCard Prepaid DebitCard that you can purchase and put in the hands of anybody that you desire.  This MasterCard Prepaid DebitCard can be loaded with funds instantly using a text message from your mobile phone.  In the case of an emergency or just to say “I love you”, your mobile phone is the only tool that you need to send these funds.
In order for us to participate in and profit from the $400+ billion dollar per year remittance industry (sending money to loved ones overseas), our products and services have to be introduced to people who can take advantage of them. Our members are the influencers who help other people to take advantage of new and better ways to improve their lives. Our mobile e-Wallet application that is available to every Gold member, is a valuable service that deserves to be shared with everyone.  We don’t spend millions of dollars on TV advertisement or large bill boards or newspaper ads. We count on and expect our members to be our voice to the world shouting out the benefits of our products and services.  In the same manner as reading a good book, seeing an excellent movie or enjoying a meal at a fine restaurant, the recommendations of other people is what draws them into that restaurant, or movie or to that book. There is no better marketing than the personal recommendation of our members that have used the product or service and pass on the benefits by word-of-mouth.  We expect and hope that our members recognize the value of our e-Wallet and MasterCard Prepaid DebitCard program so that they can recommend this service to other people.  This is the way that Club Asteria markets not only this product but all of the other products and services that we offer.
Please understand that our revenue is determined each week and every month and for years to come, by how many people purchase and utilize our products and services.  In the past weeks our revenue has gone down substantially. This downward spiral is caused by the lack of confidence and concern of our members.  Because our revenue has recently been low, even more members have stopped sharing and recommending the very products and services that are successfully helping people.  This results in even less people utilizing our mobile e-Wallet and other products and services even though there is no doubt that our products and services would benefit their lives.  We end up hurting ourselves and definitely add to the continuation of reduced revenues.  
Greed is a very powerful motivation, but the kindness, generosity and goodness in all of us all are even more powerful. The challenges that we are facing recently have been caused by a small percentage of our members misusing their membership privileges.  As any good company would have done to protect their members and future members, we had to reinforce our Code of Ethics and Conduct, to ensure that our message of a better life for all of us is presented honestly and accurately.  We are working very hard to make sure that any benefit from Club Asteria and all of our products and services are accurately represented.   Any company, no matter how good their products and services are, can be destroyed with misleading information, bad publicity, false rumors and inactivity of their members/customers.  
The revenue of Club Asteria will only go up with the appreciation and utilization of our current and future products and services.  Your 100% support in sharing these products and services with people from all over the world is what will make the difference.   Whether it is your next-door neighbor, co-worker or contacts through your Internet marketing site, we all have the ability to share a great product or service.  Club Asteria’s strength is made possible through its members.  It is our members that assist us in earning income and making the positive contributions throughout the world that we do.  One by one, each member has the opportunity to help us to keep our membership strong.  This only happens when we all work together with the confidence that we have a purpose, a mission to follow and a clear path in front of us.  I hope that we will all work together and pursue a path that allows each of us and Club Asteria to be better and stronger than we have ever been.
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Posted on: 24-May-2011
What is the value to each of our members when someone says to Club Asteria “thank you”.  The “thank you” continues with: “how can I ever properly thank all of your members that care so much to help at such a desperate time”.  At Club Asteria, on behalf of all of our members, we receive emails and hear this every single day of the year.  A “thank you” for helping a homeless child that is an orphan and doesn’t have a roof over his/her head; a “thank you” when a child can go to school and be educated.  Our members’ kindness and generosity and their deep philosophical commitment to helping people who can’t help themselves, makes the difference.  
Because of this, a father in Cambodia can feed his family because we gave them a micro credit loan to fix his truck; a mother in India can contribute to her family’s welfare because we provided her the funds to buy a sewing machine and cloth.  From farmers to small businessmen and women, to entrepreneurs that are in any kind of business, the micro loans that our members make possible make the difference between life and death. No matter what our circumstances in life are, there are so many people around the world that desperately need help more than any of us will ever know.
The deepest purpose and fundamental value of Club Asteria is to reach out to these people of the world that don’t have the means to help themselves.  We provide the assistance that no one else is providing for them.  We give them hope and belief in a better world.  Each program, service or product that we offer to our members helps us fulfill the mission to be able to help all of these people.  We help so many families and communities to have clean drinking water, proper medical attention, a roof over their heads, healthy food and an education for their children.  I personally want to take this time now to thank and congratulate every member of Club Asteria that has made all of this possible.  Our members’ pursuit of being good and doing good while we are on this earth is what we are all proud of.  
We will relentlessly pursue our vision and mission of improving the lives of so many of these people for generations to come.  No “thank you” is needed for any of us here at Club Asteria because it is the responsibility of our job and the duty in our life to give of ourselves to help others.  This is the real meaning behind Club Asteria.  
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Each week the revenue that is earned by Club Asteria from the sale of our products and services is calculated by our accounting staff.  We then share 30% of that amount with each and every active member.  The revenues go up or down depending upon how many members actively take advantage of utilizing and/or selling any of our products or services.  We sell these products and services through all of our member e-commerce sites and our presence on the Internet.  The better our products and services are, the more appealing they are, the greater exposure that we create, and the value that is attributed to them, the higher the demand will be, which in turn will result in increased revenue.
We can only share the revenue that is earned that week.  If we did anything else, we would endanger the financial vitality of the company and its ability to continue to operate effectively and provide benefits to all of our members.  We take our responsibility very seriously to remain financially solvent so that we can serve our membership for many, many years to come.  We don’t control the revenue that is earned.  We can only work hard to develop appealing products and services that the market and our membership will respond to.  
I hope that this gives each and every member a clear understanding of exactly how the revenue share works.  The goal of Club Asteria continues to be to help our members earn additional income and provide assistance to people all over the world.  This is the real mission that we all share in.
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

Friday, May 20, 2011


We have a deep philosophical commitment at Club Asteria to provide valued benefits to all of our members and provide assistance to the people of the world that can’t help themselves.  The commitment to help our members earn extra income is at the very core of our values and we are unwavering in this pursuit.  As we embarked upon our dream of providing an innovative approach to helping people all over the world, we knew it was not going to be easy and it was not going to happen overnight.  We knew for our company to develop effective products and services it was going to take time.  As we imagined what could be possible, we knew we were tackling a huge and difficult project.
In the creation of Club Asteria our main purpose was to earn the trust and respect of each member by providing valued products and services.  Club Asteria has put together an incredible team that consists of leaders in the fields of e-commerce, education, finance, Internet development, business and self-improvement.  As these individual leaders combine their knowledge and experience the results will be nothing short of astounding.  We have products and services that we will be making available to you in the next 30-60-90 days.  These products include turn-key advertising businesses, web-based email marketing solutions, apps to secure more income opportunities, electronic components such as tablets and PCs, and tens of other products and services that are all designed to help you earn extra income.  We believe in your income potential and know that with all of these products and services the future is very bright.  
We have already introduced Asteria-Pro, our e-Wallet offered through one of our financial partners and our Entrepreneurial Education Program.  Asteria-Pro is available to each member and provides an instant means of having a business that has the potential to earn income.  In addition we focus on teaching the most inexperienced entrepreneurs to utilize the program for their own success. The electronic wallet, managed by your mobile phone, provides instant access to funds all over the world in the easiest, most convenient and most cost effective manner.  It allows you to load your MasterCard PrePaid Debit Card instantaneously – you don’t have to wait a day or two days for funds to arrive on your Debit Card.  What could be more convenient than using your own mobile phone and sending a text to yourself and instantly have the availability of cash?  Club Asteria then, through its educational platform, provides information from experienced thought leaders, authors and successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to assist our members in learning how to take advantage of all of our programs.
Club Asteria is made up of each and every member and is only as strong as the philosophical commitment that each member makes: a commitment to be better than we have been before; a commitment to our children, our family and to our community.  This is the dream and the belief that we ask each and every member to share in.
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


How much difference can one person make?  Just one giving and generous person can make a huge difference to a family or community, bringing vision and hope to others around them.
Unfortunately, when those same efforts are focused on taking from people rather than giving, one person can hurt thousands of others out of selfish intent.
Just weeks after our membership base of dedicated Club Asteria members received and embraced our Code of Ethics & Conduct, and our Terms and Policies that govern the privileges we share as members, we discovered a small group of people taking advantage of our membership.  Using their Club Asteria membership in violation of these rules, this small group used their PayPal accounts to cheat fellow members.
We acted immediately to resolve the situation that these people created.  In addition, we have terminated these members' memberships under Code of Ethics & Conduct, Rule 6:
"No member shall knowingly support, encourage or engage in a transaction that is likely to cause financial hardship to any party in the transaction." 
By revoking their memberships and turning them over to the authorities we have demonstrated how seriously we take any attack on our members and membership organization, but the damage they have done will continue to create difficulties for all of us.
Just as Club Asteria is a global company with high standards and procedures that we follow, we recognized that PayPal also has their standards, procedures and protocols to follow in order to investigate this fraud.  Unfortunately this meant that they temporarily suspended all of our members’ and the general public’s ability to use PayPal to pay for any of our programs, products or services.  PayPal is acting with integrity and it is now up to us to prove to them that we have done nothing wrong and resolve this issue so that our services can be restored.
This is exactly why we have our Code of Ethics & Conduct, and our Terms and Policies.
This shows that even though 99.9% of our members are truly Qualified Purposed Members, dedicated to our vision and mission, just a small handful of people can cause great damage to all of us.  Again, we have taken immediate and decisive steps against those who perpetrated these acts to cheat our members, revoking their memberships and turning them over to the authorities as prescribed in our Code of Ethics & Conduct, and our Terms and Policies.
What Every Qualified Purposed Member Can Do To Help
First, if you have been paying for your membership through PayPal, please discontinue your subscription with PayPal immediately and start using one of the other approved payment processors AlertPay, Towah or CashX to ensure that your membership stays current.
Second, Do NOT use online forums, websites or social networks to lodge blame or complaints about PayPal or your Club Asteria team.  There is no benefit or purpose in this, and it only serves to create discord and spread rumors.  Not only that, doing so is a direct violation of Code of Ethics & Conduct, Rule 8 and can result in immediate revocation of your membership:
"Members shall not publically disparage, demean or attack Club Asteria, its members, services or charitable activities."
Why is this so important?  Because accusations, blame, complaints and rants only serve to damage the work and reputation of Club Asteria, meaning every one of our members' interests are hurt and the benefits we seek to bring to hundreds of thousands of people around the world are dealt an unfair blow.
If you have genuine concerns, use the resources available on the Club Asteria site or contact our Member Services directly.
Our membership benefits are based on helping each of our members increase their income potential and assist those unfortunate people in the world that can’t help themselves.  Our programs are designed to help our members educate themselves in entrepreneurial pursuits, take advantage of new e-commerce opportunities to sell our products and services, and utilize our electronic wallet to save, manage and send funds all over the world.  Each of us makes a difference.  Clearly, to be a Qualified Purposed Member means participating on all levels, as well as reaching out and helping others within your community.  If you are not participating in all of these things, you are not experiencing the full value of what we have created for each and every Club Asteria member.
You Make A Difference!  
Clearly, we can each make a difference for good or bad… and the vast majority of our members choose to make a difference for good!  We are dedicated to recognizing the importance of each of our members’ contribution to making our membership organization successful.  Club Asteria has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people because our members are working so hard to spread the good word, to market the wonderful products and services that create the commissions we are able to distribute back to our members and the money that funds our philanthropic foundation.
You can be proud that hundreds of children are going to school all over the world because of this; orphans are being fed because of this; clean, safe water is being provided because of this; and small entrepreneurs are being funded worldwide because of this support.  All of this because each Qualified Purposed Club Asteria Member believes that there are more important things than just filling our own wants and needs.  This is the vision and the mission of each and every member of Club Asteria.  I hope you will continue to help me as we all advance the true vision and hope of Club Asteria together!
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director
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Friday, April 22, 2011


Setiap Jumaat CA akan membuat pembayaran dan hari ini pembayaran dibuat seperti biasa...

Date/TimeTransaction TypePayment MethodPayment IDAsterios
21-Apr-2011 07:14 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.59
15-Apr-2011 03:33 AMMembership RewardN/AN/A20.00
14-Apr-2011 02:59 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.10
07-Apr-2011 05:05 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.04
31-Mar-2011 05:58 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.44
24-Mar-2011 05:21 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.08
17-Mar-2011 10:45 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A1.87
17-Mar-2011 11:33 AMC - Gold MembershipAlertPayN/A20.00
10-Mar-2011 11:20 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A1.26
04-Mar-2011 01:20 AMRevenue SharingN/AN/A2.13
24-Feb-2011 11:56 PMRevenue SharingN/AN/A1.83
18-Feb-2011 02:19 AMRevenue SharingN/AN/A1.11
15-Feb-2011 10:16 AMMembership RewardN/AN/A20.00

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tawaran Istimewa

Jika anda upgrade ke Gold member Club-Asteria sebelum 30hb Jun 2011, saya akan kembalikan usd5.00 sebagai 'appreciation' terhadap minat anda

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